My name is Stephanie and I am 27 years old. I currently reside in Minnesota. I’ve previously lived in New Hampshire and Pennsylvania. 
I’m a Graphic Designer & Illustrator. I’m currently freelancing and have a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts.
I’m extremely passionate about animals (specifically dogs & birds) and you’ll see that shine clearly through my work.

I’m traditionally trained but, grew up to love computers so I try to tie in the best of both worlds by combining all of my disciplines.
I have over 12 extensive years of Photoshop experience & many years of experience with most of the Adobe Suite (Majority being self-taught). I branched off into video editing for fun over 4 years ago and also began self-teaching myself Premiere Pro. All-in-all, I consider myself a ‘Jack-of-all-trades’ in that I have a lot of different passions & can never decide what one I want to hone in on & pursue. I have experience in DSLR Photography, Color Theory, Traditional Painting (Acrylics, Watercolor & Oils), Digital Painting, Graphic Design, Web Design, Video Editing & Book Layout under my belt.

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